Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Laps for Lavender Benefit DH Race!

Perfect weather proceeded the weekend that the "Laps for Lavender" benefit race at Crested Butte Mountain resort.  On the morning of August 25th, riders gathered to support and race for an injured teammate, Adam Lavender, who experienced a life-changing accident several months ago.  The event included an online auction of frames, wheelsets, and donated pros helmets, along with a huge yard sale of used bike parts and clothing.  I had the privilege of meeting and riding with Adam in October of 2011 at a team video shoot in CB, and this weekend, the Roots team went back to raise for him both money and morale.

Close to 8 hours in length, the race was an interesting mix of everything from men in gorilla suits to pros duking it out to the last chair ride.  This is a look at the race from both behind the lens and behind the bars.  
Registration/wakeup time!
Morning sun over Mt. Crested Butte.

This was supposedly the hottest thing on course! Literally...

Duo teams Le Mans start.


Maybe a lil too much to drink last night Rupi?
UFO. Avery.

New lines at the top of Timeline

Jeff rids himself of the Gorilla for something a bit more plaidish.

Stepdown. Timeline.

I think this is McCoy. Right?

Sears ripping it up on a plastic bike with big wheels.

Ruby racers.  They were pretty quick on their rental bikes.

Now this is a yard sale!

Go Kazzy! Go Kazzy!

zoloft and the destroyers. Blam. 

Rally tally.

Sooooo many prizes= 

....hearty competition! 

Who won???

Top 5 Open Solo Men got first pick from the prize cart!

Jeff and his lifetime-of-chapstick-and-sunglasses award for best costume!
Thanks Teva!  Wait, Teva makes chapstick?

Not sure why this is here.

The one and only: Matthew Bollig. He owns this.

We're all "rooting" for you, Adam!  Stay strong!

Post and Photography by Tim DaCosta

Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Teva Mountain Games

Spent some time in Vail, Co for the Teva games back in June.  Had some good times and some crazy adventures at this huge multi-sport international event!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And summer begins....

 Decided to take some stills this last week.... With DJ Brandt and Kyle Rosencrans.